It's a tough and unpredictable world out there.

Regardless of where you are in the financial continuum, whether you own your own business or you're all on your own, the past few years have rocked your sense of security. You need an ally…someone who can offer real solutions instead of just a portfolio ofproducts. In a word, you need BCM Benefits. We offer a full range of financial, benefit and insurance solutions. Take a look, and you'll see right away: we're different in ways that matter.


Whether you're in the Fortune 500, or only have only five employees, we have a variety of plans to help you attract and retain the best employees.


It's your money. You earned it, and want to put it to the most productive possible use, while safeguarding its security. We can help.

Life Insurance Premium Financing

Isn't it time to guard your portfolio with tax free growth, tax free income and estate planning without the fear of ever paying a gift tax.  


One term always holds true.  Investors need diversification. This is where the smart money goes.
Hard money Commercial loans for short term investors has been a straight forward solution for many portfolios.